Maximum sitting comfort with a Economy Max seat reservation

As the name suggests, Economy Max means getting the maximum in Economy comfort. This translates into 10 cm more seat pitch and 5 cm more seat recline enabling you to sit more comfortably and relax more peacefully. Economy Max also means enjoying our inflight entertainment on your personal 11.1" HD touchscreen. With a choice of over 90 movies and 170 TV programmes, flying has never been more entertaining.

Catch a good glimpse inside the cabin: move the image in the desired direction for a 360° all-round view of the cabin.

Five good reasons to maximise your Economy seat:

  • More generous: you benefit from up to 10 cm more seat pitch and 5cm more seat recline
  • More relaxed: partitioned area provide for a quieter and more private atmosphere
  • Charged: each seat is equipped with its own USB power port
  • Complimentary: alcoholic beverages from Economy Class are included (except for Champagne)
  • Faster: your seat is in the front section of the cabin and thus closer to the entrance and exit
Maximum sitting comfort Maximum sitting comfort Maximum sitting comfort